Vampires do their jogging at 11am wearing pink sneakers – playlist by MARION B

1-Salem - King Night
2-Bananarama - Cruel Summer
3-Beast -Dark Eyes
4-Blonde Redhead - Misery Is A Butterfly
5-Cary ann Hearst - Hell’s Bells
6-Cocteau twins -Amelia
7-Curry & Coco - Meteors
8-The dead wheather - Rocking Horse
9-Death in vegas - Dirge
10-Gotye - State Of The Art
11-Hercules and the love affair - Blind
12-Jay z Kanye West - No Church In the Wild (feat. Franck Ocean)
13-Karen elson - In Trouble With the Lord
14-Kate Bush - Army Dreamers
15-Madonna - Mother And Father
16-Marilyn Manson - Sweat Dreams
17-Pj Harvey - The Devil
18-The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama
19-The Knife - Marble House
20-Vitalic – Trahison